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Copyright Authorization Agreement

to the Journal of HUEI-MIMG Special Education

Name of Thesis: (hereafter referred to as the “Thesis”)


I. The author hereby grants consent to the publishing unit of the Bulletin of HUEI-MING of Taichung HUEI-MING SCHOOL to use

the Thesis in the manners specified as follows:

1. Assemble the Thesis into a book or print or digital publication;

2. Archive the Thesis into a database using the digital reproduction method, and

allow users to retrieve, view, download, or print the Thesis through the Internet or other public transmission methods;

3. Grant copyright licenses to other database industries in accordance with the

provisions of the Bulletin of Special Education, and authorize these conducts as

described in the preceding item;

4. Change the formatting of the Thesis as required by various database systems.


II. This agreement is a non-exclusive licensing agreement. The author still owns the

copyright to the Thesis and has the right to grant various authorizations to other parties in accordance with the contents of this authorization.


III. The author guarantees that the Thesis is an original work and does not infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights.


IV. The author guarantees that the content of the Thesis is not published in any other texts or forms. The author shall bear any and all legal responsibilities for any false statements that cause the Bulletin of Special Education to violate copyright laws or be involved in copyright disputes.


V. If the Thesis is coauthored by more than two authors, all of the authors must sign this consent form.


Signature and Seal of the Consenter(s):__________________________

Date of Signature: __________________________




論文名稱: (以下稱「本論文」)


1. 以紙本、數位或集結成專書出版;

2. 以數位、重製等方式收錄於資料庫,透過網路或其他公開傳輸方式,提供用戶檢索、瀏覽、下載、列印等服務;

3. 依貴刊規定得再授權其他資料庫業者進行前項之行為;

4. 為符合各資料庫系統之需求,並得進行格式之變更。










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